Say goodbye to
“where did that email go?”

Dossier organizes customer conversations in Hubspot—stay in the loop even when you're out of the loop. Connect email, and sync companies, contacts, email with HubSpot in real-time.

HubSpot Updated Every Second.

All your companies, contacts, emails, and chats synced to HubSpot—instantly


Turn email and apps into a customer response system (CRS).

Onboardify app

Instantly pinpoint customer emails

  Sync your Gmail or Outlook 365 inbox.

  Create intelligent workspaces for each client.

  Organize client docs, tasks and contacts.

Instantly respond to customers using apps

  Add in-app support in minutes.

  Respond to customers on your phone or email.

  Auto message customers when they sign in.

Responding to customers has never been easier.

Assign customer emails to team

Convert emails to tasks and assign them.

Immediately see customer emails

Always get bcc'd when a customer emails anyone.

Identify emails needing responses

Preset status tags immediately find open requests.

One view into communications with your app users.

Welcome Proactively

Proactively start live chats with application users.

Respond On Email

Tap quick replies on your mobile Gmail or Outlook app.

See Their Screen

Take screenshots without customers downloading plug-ins.

Skype Customers

One click Skype to start audio or video calls with app users.

Deliver Instant Offers

Onboard app users with automated help messages.

Zero disruption to the ways you already communicate.

Email Sync

Sync with Google Suite and Outlook 365.

CRM Integration

Sync HubSpot and Salesforce contacts and email.

Service/Task Apps

Emails to Asana and Zendesk.

File Storage

Files to Google, Dropbox or Box.

Communication Apps

Skype with web site visitors.

App integrations

Make Customer Response Easy With HubSpot and Dossier

All of your customer conversations, organized.

Please sign up with a Gmail for Work or Outlook 365 business email account. This means that your email must be hosted by either Google Apps (Gmail) or Microsoft Exchange (Outlook 365). Your personal or email won't work.

Dossier is free with no expiration date—see pricing for details. HubSpot CRM gives you unlimited users, data, and up to 1,000,000 contacts.

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