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Personal Productivity
Customer Service
Team Collaboration

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The Smart Feed

It's where all customer email, site chats, documents, and tasks are organized


Sync incoming and outgoing email, messaging and chat.

Onboardify app

Instantly pinpoint customer emails

  Sync your Gmail or Outlook 365 inbox.

  Create intelligent workspaces for each client.

  Organize client docs, tasks and contacts.

Instantly respond to web site chats

  Add web site chat in minutes.

  Respond to chats on your phone or email.

  Auto message site visitors when they return.

Improve personal productivity and customer service.

Assign customer emails to team

Convert emails to tasks and assign them.

Immediately see customer emails

Always get bcc'd when a customer emails anyone.

Identify emails needing responses

Preset status tags immediately find open requests.

Service customers on chat, screen share, or Skype.

Welcome Proactively

Proactively start live chats with web site visitors.

Respond On Email

Tap quick replies on your mobile Gmail or Outlook app.

See Their Screen

Take screenshots without customers downloading plug-ins.

Skype Customers

One click Skype to start audio or video calls with site visitors.

Deliver Instant Offers

Onboard site visitors with automated messages while they are browsing.

Personalize outreach with email/chat templates and update Salesforce.

Automate emails to customers

Send personalized emails to your customer list.

Automate online offers and messages

Deliver personalized messages to site visitors.

Update Activity in Salesforce

Automatically publish emails to Salesforce.

Change lead status from Open to Contacted.


Organize documents, tasks and more in smart feeds.

Google Drive, Box and Dropbox integration

Organize Everything

Sort emails by customer.

Show all web site chats.

Search all messages with customers.

View documents sent to customers.

Find files sent by customers.


Emails in Gmail for Work and Outlook 365

Files in Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.

Tasks in Asana.

Tickets in Zendesk.

Zero disruption to the ways you already communicate—with two-way integrations.

Two-Way Integrations

Emails to Asana tasks.

Asana comments to Email.

Site chats to Zendesk agents.

Zendesk updates synced to Salesforce.

Sync Salesforce accounts and leads.

Send Email to Salesforce.

Files to Google, Dropbox or Box.

Asana and Zendesk files to Email.

Skype with web site visitors.

Visitors start Skype calls with agents.

Real-time sync with Gmail for Work and Outlook 365.


Next Generation Customer Communications

Onboardify is an app for streamlining communications with customers. You can improve personal productivity, customer service and team collaboration with zero disruption to the ways you already communicate. Onboardify syncs incoming and outgoing email, messaging and chat, and organizes documents, tasks and more into intelligent workspaces.